Vasilios Kostidis

Axis Realty - You Will Save Thousands.

With our savings, vendors are enabled to shift money into things like building reports and solicitors fees as well as other expenses like landscaping, staging and moving costs.

Axis have a very competitive commission structure and it was a no brainer, with this business model, we could save vendors time and money.

Vasilios Kostidis – BBus / BA – Licensee Salesperson – Axis Realty

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Excellent online marketing

Working with you to get the most visibility for your property. We have excellent systems in place to put your home on the map.

Post-sales service and investment opportunities

Selling your home seems like a daunting task. We are often asked what’s next after selling a home? We can work with you to find suitable properties post-sale.

No obligation free appraisals of your home

We will come to you at no cost to you and appraise your home. We use CMA’s to verify what other properties have sold in the area and work with vendors to achieve excellent results.

Saving you thousands with our commission scheme

Our lower overheads help our vendors save thousands. Why go into the draw to win a round trip around the world when you can afford your own?

Easy to use commission calculator.

Our commission calculator is a guide to show you how much you can save when selling through us

More information available on Axis.

Axis Realty gets results and our time on the market is below average, often exceeding what vendors have expected. We do all our research based on market trends and CMA data.

Great level of service at an affordable cost.

Here at Axis we have lower overheads than many of the larger franchise realty organizations and as a result, we are able to list, market, and sell your property for a realistic fee without compromising service.

I work hard for my clients and provide great service at a fraction of the price.

1.95% across the board, less than or equal to 1 million dollars.

1% commission on the balance.

The Axis Realty administration fee represents savings to the consumer.

You are constantly in the loop and aware of everything. Completely transparent.

A quick video from Vasilios.

I look forward to being of service and our hope is that you can afford the opportunity to sit down and allow me to explain the full extent of my services, thus achieving excellent results.

1.95% Commission on the first 1m

1% There After

Your property will be marketed in such a way, we leverage all avenues of media to get you results.

Managing the entire project

Producing extraordinary content for your property, increasing visibility and exposure. Reaching thousands of people for a fraction of the cost.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Mapping your home with video content and 3D software.

High Definition Video Content and 3D Mapping

A singular webpage for your property

A webpage specifically designed for your property to market to potential buyers.

24 hour response time

I aim to respond to people within 24 hours or less. I strive for excellent communication throughout the project.

Effortless photo and video 3D

We use 3D tools to map your entire home for visual tours.

Get in Touch and Grab Your CMA.

Get your no-obligation free appraisal to see what you’re sleeping on.¬†

My Mission Is To Exceed Your Expectations

  • No obligation CMA and appraisals
  • 3D tours and video content
  • Comparative sales reports and CV levels of your home
  • Helping you look for opportunities to invest post sale
  • Online and in person marketing strategies
  • Marketing through Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • Explore leveraging equity in existing homes
  • You will save thousands